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    Tacrolimus Shared Care Guidelines

    Tacrolimus Post Transplant Shared Care Guideline . Post Solid Organ Transplant Shared Care Guideline. Specialist Details. Patient Identifier. Name: Location: Tel: Date: Introduction. There are a number of oral tacrolimus products available. Recent MHRA/CHM advice recommends all oral tacrolimus products should be prescribed and dispensed by brand name nbsp; Shared care template – West Hampshire CCG . Shared care arrangements should be definitive and agreed between the consultant, GP and patient. 2. 0 Licensed Indications and Dose. Tacrolimus is licensed for the prevention of organ rejection in liver transplant patients. At. Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust we follow nbsp; Tacrolimus Shared Care Guideline for Renal Transplant – York and . DRUG: Tacrolimus (Adoport. . , Prograf. . , Modigraf. or Advagraf. . ) for Renal Transplant (Adults). Indication: Prophylaxis of transplant rejection in kidney recipients. Tacrolimus is an immunosuppressant drug with a narrow therapeutic index. It is currently the first line immunosuppressant for nbsp; Shared Care Guideline for Immunosuppression – NHS Salford CCG remain the most frequently prescribed immunosuppressant therapies. Immunosuppressive therapy is patient specific and may include one or a number of different agents in addition or in. On behalf of the. GREATER MANCHESTER MEDICINES MANAGEMENT. GROUP. Shared Care Guideline nbsp; Shared care guideline for tacrolimus (Protopic) – Dorset CCG agreement outlines suggested ways in which the responsibilities for managing the prescribing of tacrolimus can be shared between the specialist and general practitioner (GP). GPs are invited to participate. If the GP is not confident to undertake these roles, then he or she is under no obligation to do so. Shared Care Guidance for Immunosuppressive Treatment following Care Guidelines. 9. Ciclosporin. 9. Tacrolimus. 11. Sirolimus. 13. Mycophenolate Mofetil. 15. Azathioprine. 17. Prednisolone. 19. Contacts. 21. Tables. 22 nbsp; Tacrolimus prescribing guideline Dec 2009 – Wandsworth CCG PRESCRIBING GUIDELINE. Tacrolimus for immunosuppression in kidney allograft recipients. NOTES to the GP. The expectation is that these guidelines should provide sufficient information to enable GPs to be confident to take clinical and legal responsibility for prescribing this drug nbsp; Tacrolimus – Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust aim to provide a framework for the prescribing of Tacrolimus as either. Prograf or Adoport by GPs and to set out the associated responsibilities of GPs and hospital specialists who enter into the shared care arrangements. The guidelines should be read in conjunction with the general nbsp; tacrolimus for Transplant SCG – Cambridgeshire and Peterborough . Page 1 of 5. Version 2. Review: 01/2015. Tacrolimus (Prograf. . ) SCG: For Transplant patients. The following guidelines are designed to provide information relating to tacrolimus and to outline the responsibilities of the primary and secondary care teams in the prescribing nbsp; shared care – Berkshire West NHS Formulary Tacrolimus shared care protocol V1. 3. April 2016. PRESCRIBING GUIDANCE. TACROLIMUS for the treatment of INFLAMATORY BOWEL DISEASE (IBD). For the latest information on interactions and adverse effects, always consult the latest version of the Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC), which nbsp;

    ESCA: Tacrolimus Post renal transplant – Dudley Formulary

    with the patient 39;s GP, specifying the brand of tacrolimus required. Send a copy of this guideline to the GP. Provide patient/carer with relevant information on use, side effects and the need for. Monitoring of medication. Baseline tests and ongoing safety monitoring: FBC, Lipids, Blood glucose, LFTs, MSU, nbsp; Shared care guidelines – South West Yorkshire Area Prescribing have been developed by the Area Prescribing Committee in conjunction with primary and secondary care specialists. The Area Prescribing Committee may accept shared care guidelines that have been produced by other organisations. . Tacrolimus, Post-transplant, LTHT . Shared Care Guidelines Contents Introduction to Shared Care are intended to provide GPs with sufficient information to undertake prescribing responsibility for I am requesting your agreement to sharing the care of this patient according to the South Devon Shared Care Guideline for this drug. Tacrolimus: increased risk of nephrotoxicity. BRO TAF SHARED CARE PROTOCOL of patients taking tacrolimus and should be read in conjunction with the General Guidelines for Shared Care. Sharing of care requires communication between the specialist, GP and patient. The intention to share care should be explained to the patient by the doctor initiating nbsp; Shared Care – NHS Mid Essex CCG apply to medicines which have been initiated by a specialist and the prescribing is taken over by the GP under the terms of a Local Enhanced Service. These medicines appear in the amber section of the Formulary and Traffic Lights list and can only be prescribed nbsp; DMARDs – NICE CKS ExcellenceSign in middot; NICE Pathways middot; NICE Guidance middot; Standards and indicators; Evidence services. Evidence search middot; BNF middot; BNFC middot; CKS middot; Journals and databases. Clinical Knowledge Summaries. Search. Topics middot; Specialities middot; Educational slides nbsp; Renal transplant shared care protocol – Starship Renal Transplant Guidelines. Paediatric . nephrotoxicity secondary to high levels of calcineurin inhibitors (tacrolimus, cyclosporine). . Prednisone. This will be weaned as per the individualised protocol and will depend on graft function and growth. Tacrolimus. In general target levels are: gt; 30 days post RTX. IESCCG – Shared care – Ipswich and East Suffolk CCG document middot; Dronedarone in atrial Protocol for shared care prescribing (GP amp; CAMHS) in quot;off label quot; medication in children middot; Sevelamer (Renagel other autoimmune conditions middot; Tacrolimus for the treatment of adult renal transplant patients nbsp; Shared Care Agreement IMT monitoring – Oxford University Hospitals agreement Tacrolimus. U amp;Es, FBC, ESR, CRP, LFT 39;s and Creatinine, B/P and urinalysis monthly for 3 months, thereafter 2 monthly. Lipids and magnesium every 6 months. information sheets and National Guidelines for the monitoring of Second Line. Ciclosporin in Dermatology Shared Care Guideline – RCHT SHARED CARE GUIDELINE FOR CICLOSPORIN IN. DERMATOLOGY. 1. Aim/Purpose of this Guideline. 1. 1. DERMATOLOGY. This shared care guideline sets out details for the sharing of care of patients with skin diseases Concomitant use of tacrolimus. Concomitant use of rosuvastatin, simvastatin. Guidelines for the use of Disease Modifying Drugs (DMARDs) For . 3. 3. Key responsibilities for shared care arrangements. 4. 4. Prescribing information. Pre-treatment assessment (Secondary care). 5. 4. 1. Mycophenolate mofetil. Gold (Sodium aurothiomalate / Myocrisin). Sulfasalazine. Tacrolimus. Dapsone. Hydroxycarbamide. Mercaptopurine. D-penicillamine. 5.

    IESCCG – Shared care – Ipswich and East Suffolk CCG

    document middot; Dronedarone in atrial Protocol for shared care prescribing (GP amp; CAMHS) in quot;off label quot; medication in children middot; Sevelamer (Renagel other autoimmune conditions middot; Tacrolimus for the treatment of adult renal transplant patients nbsp; 01. 05. 03 – Pan Mersey Area Prescribing Committee Formulary , and clinical reference groups are found below nbsp; GMMMG – Local Shared Care Guidelines Template is available to ensure consistency in production of SCP 39;s. All SCPs should be approved by the Trust Drug and Therapeutics Committee 39;s and their local CCG. Once approved, the SCP nbsp; Suggestions for Drug Monitoring in – NHS Evidence Search The monitoring parameters cited are derived from a range of guideline sources, other reference sources and expert opinion and must . Specialist initiation only but may be continued and monitored by the GP under a shared care protocol. 1, 2. Significant drug . . Tacrolimus (droperidol). References. 1. shared care prescribing guideline – Surrey and Sussex Healthcare guideline), then it is appropriate for you to accept prescribing indicating that shared care has been agreed all care (including prescribing) remains with the consultant at the Acute Trust. . Rosuvastatin and tacrolimus avoid concomitant use. Shared Care Guidelines – Gloucestershire Formulary . north east london medicines management network – Newham CCG prescribing, and are not intended to disrupt the care of patients already receiving any of the drugs in the spreadsheet. The Network does not have an updated and comprehensive list of shared care guidelines covering the whole Sector. Consequently, the list refers to shared care guidelines only where. North West London Red List amp; Shared Care – Hounslow CCG Guidance from NICE states that it is reasonable for GPs to prescribe the medicine, perhaps in the context of a shared care agreement. New trial evidence or a change . Mycophenolate mofetil. 8. 2. 2. Corticosteroids and other immunosuppressants Basiliximab, belatacept, ciclosporin, sirolimus, tacrolimus. drugs used in renal anaemias darbepoetin – NEW Devon CCG sets out details for the sharing of care of patients with RENAL ANAEMIA prescribed DARBEPOETIN. These guidelines provide additional limited information necessary to aid in the treatment of patients with RENAL ANAEMIA. As with all . As ciclosporin and tacrolimus are bound to red blood.


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